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Compassion – Curiosity – Courage 

Warren Fitzgerald and his horses in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Welcome to The Wagon Stop 

The Wagon Stop Wellness Farm invites you to experience our client-centred, bespoke wellness and therapeutic services experiences, framed in a foundation of acceptance and inclusion.

Located here at our 250 acre working farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the glorious Beechmont plateau, we offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Equine Assisted Learning (EAP & EAL) as well as Nature Therapy and a range of other specialised sessions.

Every session is facilitated within a safe and supportive environment for all - no prior horse or animal experience is required.

Both EAP & EAL are powerful and proven methods of equine assisted therapy and learning, providing the foundation for profound healing and change. 

We become who we are by learning to be where we are, with curiosity, openness and acceptance.

Warren Fitzgerald and small white pony in the Hinterland

Meg Kirby, Founder, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Institute

“As equine, animal and nature assisted psychotherapists … we live deeply connected to the ordinary miracle of nature and relationship.”

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