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"When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change."

At The Wagon Stop, we offer diverse equine experiences led by your lead practitioner, Warren, designed with your unique therapeutic and wellness goals in mind. 

Prior to an individual or group session, we will consult with you via phone to discuss how we can support and enable you. Together, we will safely explore and identify your situation to establish your goals and values. 

As such, we do not provide flat rate pricing, and we encourage you to connect with us to discuss how your session will take shape. 


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

EAP is delivered by a Registered Clinician, with the focus to support and explore change in a unique framework as per the Equine Psychotherapy Institute Model.


In EAP, clients are offered safe (both physically and emotionally) experiences with horses for the purpose of exploring self-experience in relationships, building self-awareness, building awareness of patterns or habits that are no longer serving them well, developing psychological and social skills and addressing therapeutic goals clients have identified.


It is a combination of the relationship experiences with horses and skilled facilitation of the practitioner.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

EAL offers safe experiences with horses for the purpose of personal development, structured around skills building and development.


EAL sessions are especially valuable for clients to strengthen awareness, social, relationship and life skills whilst offering innovative pathways for self and professional development, ideal for both leadership and team building, while our Horse Wisdom Program targets younger clients.


Deepening Your Relationship with Nature

In The Spirit of Nature Everything is Connected

Nature therapy invites you to better understand and deepen your relationship to nature, through nature-assisted therapeutic processes.


At our farm, you’ll step into a rich, natural environment and learn from nature rather than learning about nature. Sessions include animal tracking, nature journaling, listening for bird language, nature caretaking and forest bathing. 

Horse Wisdom 

Delivered across 8 60-minute sessions over 8 weeks, this program is ideal for kids and teenagers.


The Horse Wisdom Program, developed by Meg Kirby, Founder of Equine Psychotherapy Institute, is an effective social and emotional skills-building program that offers development through interaction with horses, offering rich discoveries and learnings of self. 

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