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"The experience is what is healing."

Warren Fitzgerald, Founder of The Wagon Stop 

At its core, my work assists clients to connect with a greater sense of wellbeing, enabling them to make important changes that keep us balanced and grounded as we move through our world on a daily basis.

I have extensive experience in the health sector working with clients with a range of complex diagnoses and social issues as a Registered Clinical Nurse. My Master of Public Health and Health Business degree supports my innovative approach to holistic health. 


As an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, my specialised skills were developed through my certification from The Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI), internationally revered for its delivery of a humanistic and trauma-informed psychotherapy model, and founded on the ethical inclusion of all horses and animals. 

My therapeutic approach is professional, warm, caring and nonjudgmental. Animal and nature-based wisdom supports and guides me personally in my own daily quest for wellness, and The Wagon Stop is my offering back to community, both near and far.

"With an open heart I invite you to unload your wagon and refresh yourself with us here at

The Wagon Stop Wellness Farm."

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